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Q: I've got a specimen that I want to donate to you, what do I do?

A:  The fact of the matter is, not all animals are equally specimen-friendly.  Whether I can take your specimen or not depends on factors such as size, condition, and, let's face it, how much room I have in my freezer.  If you have an animal or multiple animals you would like to donate please send and email to with the following information:

1.  Animal(s) species

2. Size

3.  Condition (How long ago did it die?  Was it frozen immediately?  If possible, what it died from?)

Q: My pet died and I want you to preserve it so that I can keep it.

A:  Although in the past I have taken custom pet projects by commission, with the growth of Anatomika, many of the more time-intensive processes are no longer possible (namely skeletal articulation).  Wet specimens and diaphonized specimens are sometimes possible on a case by case basis, but instances are quite rare.  This fee for this service is variable, so it is best if you just send an email to with the details of what animal it is and what method of preservation you would like.

Q: I want to come work for you!

A:  We are always looking for volunteers and good employees!  We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Please send a resume with at least one reference (doesn't necessarily have to be profession reference)  if you're interested!

Q: How did you get your job?  I want a job like yours!

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