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A portion of proceeds is donated to the

World Wild Fund.
Preserve and Educate.


Preserving the wild through specimens.

Preserving the wild through specimens.

Wet specimens, or specimens stored in alcohol have been around for hundreds of years. Initially created out of necessity, they have served as the accepted way to preserve specimens for study.

Which was fine for hundreds of years. 

Okay, but it's 2018. 

We live in interesting times. Our lives are increasingly urban, and as we steadily become more and more removed from the vanishing wild, our curiosity for it grows.

With the internet at out fingertips, natural history has steadily become democratized. The great museums collections we saw as kids have crept into our homes to inspire our daily lives.

Times have changed. The image of the dead animal floating in tea color jars is no longer acceptable. 

Bioramas are fluid specimens that seek to preserve the creature at hand, not as specimens, but as the animals they once were, and a piece of the world they were part of.

Created in a modern aesthetic with age old techniques, these specimens are created without formalin, formaldehyde or any toxic or carcinogenic chemicals. 

Because lets do better.... Anatomy is for everyone and everywhere, not just scientists and museums. 

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